Incredible transfer speeds

With read speeds of up to 85MB/s, addlink's memory cards help your camera unleash its full potential. When paired with UHS-I compatible devices, these cards offer blazing-fast transfer speeds, perfect for high-speed consecutive shooting and smooth full HD video recording.

addink offers high performance and reliable quality. Through the high quality of 4K/Full HD or while taking photos, you can experience incredible speed professional performance.



Extreme durability

  • Water Proof: JIS IPX7 compliance. Operable after submerging the product in water for 30 minutes.

  • Static Proof: Clears electrostatic discharge immunity.

  • X-ray Proof: Immune to airport X-rays.

  • Shock Proof: Able to withstand drops up to 5 meters.

addlink's memory cards can work perfectly with car video recorders, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, recorders, and drone cameras.

Great compatibility with multiple devices


*According to addlink inside test by HD Benchmark software, read and write speed depend on the device, interface, usage and other factors so that actual performance may be lower.