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As one of the PCIe 4.0 SSDs, X95 delivers a sequential read/write speed up to 7100/6800 MB/s, which is 14X faster than SATA SSDs. X95 features a MEGA size Aluminum heatsink. The Crosscutting fins stimulates the air flow around X95 which can reduce the temperature by up to 30%. The State-Of-The-Art heatsink design allows X95 to maintain at peak performance even under extreme workloads and pressure.


Next Level Gaming Performance Technology That Makes the Gaming Even Better

The X95 is backward compatible with PCIe Gen3X4 platforms. The speed is at least 2X faster than most of the Gen3X4 SSDs in the market and the High-Quality heatsink allows X95 to have a longer lifespan with extreme performances.

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Highest Quality Heatsink for Extreme Cooling

Compare with the traditional M.2 heatsink, the X95's high-quality heatsink utilizes a large surface of pure High-Quality aluminum, which allows the whole SSD to release the heat faster and evenly. Also, the Crosscutting fins further simlulates the airflow around X95, making it one of the most durable, coolest Gen4X4 SSDs ever.

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Superior Endurance and Reliability

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X95 is equipped with the most advanced Gen4X4 TLC 3D NAND FLASH Controller and DDR4 Cache. It features LDPC error-correcting code (ECC) technology, advanced wear leveling and bad balck management that will greatly extend the P/E (Program/Erase) cycle and durability for X95. The most advanced Ge4X4 controller combined with the highest-quality heatsink allows X95 to maintain at peak performance even under extreme workloads and pressure.

Includes SSD ToolBox Software

addlink M.2 PCIe SSD Toolbox is a software that offers an easy way to analyze and manage your personal drive. With addlink M.2 SSD Toolbox you will be able to:


  • Review drive information exp: general SPEC, firmware version

  • Scan and diagnostic drive's health

  • Track the drive's identify device command

  • Monitor SMART Status

  • Perform secure erase

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