P15/10 Portable SSD

addlink P10/P15 SSD is an external SSD that features fast data transfer rates and solid data integrity. The credit-card size P10/P15 fits in your wallet, making it the perfect choice for businesspeople who need to take important files on their many travels.

Faster than external HDDs

Taking full advantage of the solid-state storage technology, the P10/P15 SSD runs cool and silent, and can withstand excessive shock and vibration, giving you a most reliable data transfer experience.

Read:370MB/s, Write:400MB/s

Compact and lightweight

The credit-card size P10/P15 SSD fits perfectly in your wallet or purse, and takes up little space in your briefcase. The anti-scratch coating means the SSD will look sharp even after all the miles. And with a reflective black case, you'll be both savvy and stylish.

To accommodate devices with different USB ports, the P15 are specifically designed with a USB Type-C port, offering the flexibility of being used on different platforms. In addition to PCs, both the P15/P10 can be used with on-the-go mobile devices.

On-the-go devices supported


*According to addlink inside test by CrystalDiskMark software, read and write speed depend on the device, interface, usage and other factors so that actual performance may be lower.