NVMe & PCIe certified

NVMe is a host controller interface standard designed to address the needs of enterprise and client applications that utilize PCI Express-based solid-state storage. PCIe is a much faster interface than SATA for connecting a host computer to solid-state storage devices over one or more lanes consisting of one transmit and one receive serial interface in each lane. 

addlink's S80 M.2 PCIe follows NVMe and utilizes the PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, meaning four lanes are used for transmitting and receiving data simultaneously, resulting in compelling performance of up to 2700MB/s read and 1450MB/s write*. 

Higher reliability & performance

addlink S80 SSD manufactured with top-tier MLC NAND flash chips, and engineered dynamic thermal throttling mechanism, the S80 guarantees superior endurance and stability for high-end applications.

Intelligent MLC NAND Flash

With support for MLC Caching, DRAM Cache Buffer technologies, addlink S80 SSD maintains optimized performance and  data integrity during even the most intense gaming, rendering, overclocking, or other high-demand applications.


*According to addlink inside test by CrystalDiskMark software, read and write speed depend on the device, interface, usage and other factors so that actual performance may be lower.