addlink S90 GEN4x4 NVMe SSD provides extreme storage performance, using Gen4 PCIe technology toachieve blazing fast sequential read speeds of up to 5000MB/s. The S90 delivers incredible storage performance, delivering up to 10X the sequential read/write speeds of some SATA SSDs. The S90 provides an ideal mix of performance, endurance, and value to keep your drive performing at its best for years, with outstanding longevity up to 3,600TB Written.

Lightening speed with 3D NAND

As a PCIe 4.0 SSD, the S90 delivers incredible storage performance, delivering up to 10 times the sequential read and sequential write speeds of some SATA SSDs and up to 50 times the speed of some traditional HDDs. The H90 is also fully backwards compatible with current PCIe 3.0 platforms

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Ready for AMD RYZEN 3rd Gen

The S90 is equipped with SLC caching, a DRAM cache buffer, and features sustained read/write speeds of up to 5000/4250MB per second, random read/write speed of up to 750K/700K IOPSCompatible with most motherboards from all the major brands


Better endurance,

aim at high-end applications

Experience the unprecedented performance for heavy workloads and engineering applications with the highly reliable H90 SSD, available in high capacity up to 2TB with high endurance up to 3600TBW. The H90 boasts a cutting-edge 3D NAND-based architecture that delivers the next-generation performance in a compact M.2 form factor.

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Includes SSD ToolBox Software

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addlink M.2 PCIe SSD Toolbox is a software offer an easy way to analyze and manage your drive. With addlink M.2 SSD Toolbox you will be able to:


  • View drive information exp: general SPEC, firmware version

  • Scan and diagnostic drive Health

  • Check drive identify device command

  • Monitor SMART Status

  • Run secure erase

Professional Recommendation


*According to addlink inside test by CrystalDiskMark software, read/write speed depend on the device, interface, usage and other factors so that actual performance may be lower.

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