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addlink S92 SSD is built with next-generation QLC 3D NAND while using the latest Gen4 PCIe technology to achieve blazing fast sequential read speeds up to 4900 MB/s, which is perfect for heavy-duty applications, such as digital audio/video production, gaming and professional use, that has no room for system lags or any kinds of slowdowns.

Extreme speed with 3D NAND

As a PCIe 4.0 SSD, the S92 delivers incredible storage performance, delivering up to 10 times the sequential read and sequential write speeds of some SATA SSDs and up to 50 times the speed of some traditional HDDs. The S92 is also fully backwards compatible with current PCIe 3.0 platforms.


Top Three Benefits of QLC SSDs

Lower TCO

While performance focused, read-centric workloads rely on massive arrays of HDD to deliver the results that users demand, QLC storage does it with fewer drives — lowering your performance-focused total cost of ownership. 


More Capacity

QLC stores more bits per cell than its predecessors, enabling immense gains at the system, rack and data center levels that are more cost-effective.


Smaller Footprint

QLC technology's ability to increase per-server density reduces rack space by up to 7.7X compared to 2TB HDDs, saving precious and expensive data center real estate.


Superior Endurance for Heavy-Duty Applications

Experience the unprecedented performance for heavy workloads and engineering applications with the highly reliable S92 SSD, available in high capacity up to 4TB. The S92 boasts a cutting-edge 3D NAND-based architecture that delivers the next-generation performance in a compact M.2 form factor.

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Includes SSD ToolBox Software

addlink M.2 PCIe SSD Toolbox is a software that offers an easy way to analyze and manage your personal drive. With addlink M.2 SSD Toolbox you will be able to:


  • Review drive information exp: general SPEC, firmware version

  • Scan and diagnostic drive's health

  • Track the drive's identify device command

  • Monitor SMART Status

  • Perform secure erase

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