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Introducing the addlink S93 Gen4x4 SSD, tailor-made for Intel and AMD laptops. With its 2.25mm ultra-slim profile from the on-side flash, the S93 cuts power consumption by over 35% compared to other Gen4x4 SSDs, making it a top choice for laptop enthusiasts. Enjoy read/write speeds of 7400/6500MB/s and random reads of 1000K IOPS. Ideal for professionals, content creators, or those on the hunt for superior storage, the S93, with capacities up to 4TB , is the optimal solution.

Tailored for Laptops: Slim, Lower Power SSDs


The S93 SSD boasts an incredibly slim profile with a maximum height of only 2.25mm. This sleek design is achievable by incorporating high-density flash on one side of the SSD, rendering it an ideal fit for smaller laptops and compact slots. Furthermore, when contrasted with other Gen4x4 SSDs, the S93 SSD curtails power consumption by over 35%, establishing itself as a prime selection for laptop professionals.

High-density Flash on one-side SSD

Unlock Laptop Speed: Gen4x4 SSD

The S93 Gen4x4 SSD supports the latest 2400MT/s flash and delivers speeds up to 7400/6500MB/s, which is 14 times faster than a SATA III SSD and almost 3 times faster than a Gen3x4 SSD. Additionally, it is compatibility with PCIe 3.0 and many PCIe 5.0 slots.


SLC Cache and HMB: Drive Performance Boost

The drive's SLC caching boosts performance and enhances user experience. Additionally, it utilizes a host memory buffer (HMB) to further elevate the S93 SSD's speed by tapping into the host's memory resources. This optimizes random read/writes, loading times, and multitasking for a lag-free experience.


Advanced Storage Tech: Elevate Your Laptop


The S93 SSD employs the latest LDPC ECC, wear leveling, bad block management, and over-provisioning technologies to ensure accurate data integrity and extend lifespan. It seamlessly operates with most Intel and AMD mobile platforms and leading laptop and PC brands. Offered in capacities of 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB, the S93 also includes addlink’s five-year warranty. Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or hardware enthusiast looking to upgrade your laptop, the S93 offers an optimal storage solution.

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