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Product: S70 2TB

By Beany on 28 November 2019

I couldn't find any tech site/channel reviews of the 2TB Addlink S70 so thought i'd post some performance numbers for those interested. My DiskMark results are from version 7, while most other results posted here are from the dated version 5, so they can't really be compared. Generally, the higher the capacity that an SSD is, the better the performance, and that's true here with 2TB. This is a cheaper NVMe SSD's from a company that most people haven't heard of, and yet you're getting a drive that easily matches the VERY fastest and more expensive competitors in real world tests. Don't bother with PCIe 4.0 drives, they might have better synthetic benchmark numbers, but there's no real world benefit from them yet. This Addlink drive has some of the best real world performance you'll get right now when it comes to games/software/everyday tasks. I've had no issues with this drive so far and i've been running it through its paces with tests/benchmarks. installation was easy, same as any other NVMe drive. Highly recommended.

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