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I made the right choice after extensive research! 1TB Model ;)

Product: S70 1TB

By Alejandro Cervantes on Dec 05, 2019

I spent 4 weeks researching this type of NVMe M.2! I'm so glad I went with this drive! I am coming from a Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 SSD. And you instantly notice the difference going to this addlink S70 NVMe PCIe x3x4. I was seriously hesitant about this company since I never heard of them. At the time of purchased I paid $180. I looked at every single competitor; Samsung 970 Pro & Evo, XPG 8200 Pro, Intel, HP, and a few others. This one had the right price and perfect specs. I am mostly using this for OS & Gaming on my Rig. Damn! My boot-up time went from 8 seconds on the Crucial MX500 to 3 seconds on this addlink S70. I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro (I wanted a fresh install on this new drive not a clone). Damn am I happy! The speeds are just right all around benched at approx 3.3K Read & Write. I was going to go for the Samsung Evo Plus 1TB at the time it was priced at $250 (no thanks!). Perfect price point! Oh! before I forget! The only thing I could not do with this drive that I wanted to was install the EK M.2 Heatsink! I tried everything the brackets on the heatsink by EK are just a couple hairs a little to short to snap the two plates together. No big deal though because idle this S70 sits at about 35c, my Crucial sat at around 58c. Also, the endurance life on this drive is up to par if not better than the Samsung's so you will get a long life out of this thing (knocking on wood three times). Happy dude I'm MAD HAPPY! 5year limited warranty included. You get the feeling all over again from a spinning HDD to a SDD. Man I can't say enough good things about this drive. No I do not work for this company -- I'm just so impressed of this NVMe M.2. Hope this info helps some of you out. Update: 5/7/2019; This drive is still AMAZING! So amazing that I'm looking to add more space in my gaming rig and want to get the 2TB model. But the price :( ughhhh...wish the price would go down or addlink could send me a free 2TB would be NICE! lol...wishful thinking. Anyway, get this drive you will be VERY pleased!

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