This is the best way of speeding up your computer.

Product: S70 2TB

By Poppy Ann on 26 August 2019

This is the best way of speeding up your computer. I fitted (pluged in and inserted retaining screw) booted windows from thumb drive and reinstalled windows to this drive went into boot settings and reset computer to boot from it on next boot up it started up within 10 seconds including putting in my password I don't know of any other upgrade that will give you this speed increase I use to tell people that the best thing to speed up their computer was to get more ram but after fitting this drive I cannot say that now. If you are thinking about fitting one of this type of drive then check out the speeds first as different sizes have different speeds even between the same make with adlink the 2TB is faster than the rest also the same size drive have huge differences between manufacturers Samsung is almost double the price of adlink and almost no extra speed increase.

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