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Product: S70 512GB

By Fuzzout on ,June 28 2019

Before I begin: It's (very x 3200) good, it's worth it, arrived quick. - Now onto the review. I didn't know about NVMe drives until I ended up mid-amazon browse and noticed this "ludicrous" speed hard drive thing. I checked my motherboard and noticed it has two slots for these. Being moderately skeptical, I checked out some of the reviews and apparently this is the real deal. Thus - I bought one and... Well... This is the process: I stuck this magical stick into my computer (on my motherboard the top slots for these has a "thermal guard") I then proceeded to clone my windows hard drive into this magical stick (there are tools for this online) Then I rebooted my PC and set this magical stick as my boot drive. In 3 seconds after restart I was already on my desktop In 10 seconds I was already in-game. The speed of these things is staggering!!! P.S. If your motherboard supports NVMe Raid 0 - you can link up these monstrosities to run at twice the speed! I don't know what horrifying monstrosity of an operating system you need to require that speed, but there we go - it is an option. Other things to note: There are different sockets for these NVMe drives, so be careful and ensure you purchase the correct one.

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