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Fashion accessory

Pay your attention to the fashionable yet functional addlink’s U10. Featuring a sophisticated diamond-cut pattern and high-quality metallic texture, the U10 has style and character that breaks free from the ordinary flash drive mold.

U10 USB Flash Drive


Diamond-cut with metallic texture

The addlink U10 flash drive was created to satisfy the modern urge in a small form-factor.It’s tiny metallic design allows U10 to fit unobtrusively into a USB port. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle.

Tiny, elegant with lanyard loop

addlink’s U10 flash drive features a high-quality durable metallic texture and easy-to-grip contoured design, providing a better user experience when plugging and unplugging.

Room for store everything

With capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB, the addlink U10 is made to suit everyone's needs. Its ability to store music, photos, your media library and even personal files, and the ability to transport and transfer them via high-speed USB 2.0 interface make this flash drive a must-have.


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