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Spider 5S-2_kits
Spider 5-2_kits

The AddGame Spider S5 deliver high performance for DDR5 platforms at up to 7200MT/s, featuring top-grade DDR5 ICs and a superior heatsink for optimal heat dissipation. It supports XMP 3.0 and EXPO One-Step overclocking and is compatible with Intel and AMD DDR5 motherboards, ideal for AI PC builds and heavy audio/video creation tasks.

Introducing the Next Generation of Gaming

The Spider S5 gaming memory starts at 4800MHz and unleashes DDR5 speeds of up to DDR5-7200MHz, giving you a blazing performance to play the latest games. DDR5 transfers data is  50% Faster than DDR4. With two independent sub-channels per module for optimized performance, we’ll start seeing quad-channel configurations with two DDR5 DIMMs.


One-Click Overclocking 

The Spider S5 caters to both Intel and AMD platforms, supporting XMP 3.0 and EXPO for easy overclocking without manual tuning. It features a customizable profile for users to tailor their settings. Ideal for effortless overclocking or tailored performance, the Spider S5 meets diverse user needs.


Keep Your Memory Cool


The Spider S5 DDR5 memory is equipped with high-quality DDR5 ICs and features a premium aluminum heatsink with a diamond-cut inner black spider totem design. This not only efficiently prevents overheating but also helps to avoid performance degradation or failure caused by excessive heat.

Strengthens Reliability & Stability


Designed with on-die ECC at the component level that strengthens on-chip reliability, reduces error correction burden on the controller, and improves the system stability at high speeds. In addition, it Integrated a Power Management IC (PMIC) to reduce circuit complexity and enhance power supply stability.

Enjoy the latest new games  with our high-performance DDR5 gaming memory

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Spider S5 (Intel/AMD)​


Spider S5 (Intel)​

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