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Spider N5 Notebook Memory


The Spider N5 DDR5 SODIMM is engineered to elevate productivity for creators and AI enthusiasts.  Complying with JDEDC global standards, it’s ideal for use in Intel and AMD laptops, as well as mini-PCs. It offers 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacity and fast 5600MT/s speed while maintaining low power consumption at 1.1V.  This not only reduces heat but also conserves battery life, guaranteeing superior performance for multitasking and data processing.

Accelerate DDR5 Performance for Laptops


Experience the advanced capabilities of the Spider N5 DDR5 SODIMM series, starting at 4800MT/s, it unlocks DDR5 speeds up to 5600MT/s. Each module features two independent sub-channels, increasing data transfer rates by 50% over DDR4. This significant efficiency boost shortens loading times in DDR5 laptops, enhancing multitasking and facilitating effortless management of data-intensive tasks.

Dependable Modules with Premium ICs


Each Spider N5 memory module uses high-quality chips and ICs, tested extensively for unmatched reliability and compatibility across major motherboards. Its on-die ECC enhances on-chip reliability, reduces error correction demands, and improves system stability at high speeds. A Power Management IC (PMIC) also simplifies circuit design and boosts power supply stability.

Seamless Upgrade for DDR5 Laptops

Meeting JEDEC Standards for quality and reliability, the Spider N5 SODIMM is a seamless, plug-and-play upgrade for Intel and AMD DDR5 Laptops. Its operation at a low power of 1.1V helps to reduce heat and conserve battery life, all while providing superior multitasking capabilities and efficient data processing.

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