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Spider X5 RGB Gaming Memory

AddGame™ Spider X5 features a wide-angle lighting strip with dynamic multi-zone RGB lighting. It perfectly syncs with most motherboard RGB lighting software to provide smooth synchronized lighting effects. Overclock frequency up to 6400MHz paired with quick CL32-40 timings, AddGame™ Spider X5 DDR5 supports on-die ECC and onboard PMIC IC for better reliability and stability. It also supports the Intel XMP 3.0 for auto-overclock and custom XMP profiles, giving heavy gamers and hardware enthusiasts a reason to upgrade and build the Ultimate RGB lighting PC.

Introducing the Next Generation of Gaming

The Spider X5 gaming memory starts at 4800MHz and unleashes DDR5 speeds of up to DDR5-6400MHz, giving you a blazing performance to play the latest games. DDR5 transfers data is  50% Faster  than DDR4. With two independent sub-channels per module for optimized performance, we’ll start seeing quad-channel configurations with two DDR5 DIMMs.


Strengthens Reliability & Stability


 Designed with on-die ECC at the component level that strengthens on-chip reliability, reduces error correction burden on the controller, and improves the system stability at high speeds. In addition, it Integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) to reduce circuit complexity and enhance power supply stability.  

Keep Your Memory Cool

With a diamond-cut inner black spider totem design, Spider X5 is CNC machined out premium aluminum that surrounded by black memory modules that can efficiently prevent overheating.


Making Overclocking Easier & Smarter

 Spider X5 supports Intel XMP 3.0. It will allow you to overclock easily and perform at advertised speed, but also the Dynamic Memory boost Technology also allows the memory to automatically and intelligently transfers between XMP frequencies and default frequencies. Moreover, it will add two additional rewriteable profiles, which you can customize and rename by yourself.