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B20 SSD Enclosure 

B20 SSD Enclosure fully compliant with USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps), supports most common M.2 NVMe (PCIe) &  M.2 SATA SSDs. , With your M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD, the B20 can easily push R/W speeds up to 1000GB/s; 10x faster than traditional portable hard disk. Plays high-end gaming or 4K videos in seconds, no more waiting around.


Supports most common SSDs

M.2 NVMe (PCIe) & SATA

B20 not only allows you to convert the latest M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD into an ultra-fast portable SSD, but also allows you to convert the M.2 SATA SSD on your old PC/notebook into an External SSD for use. In the long run, It’s the most cost-effective design.


M.2 NVMe to USB : Work with NVMe SSD (Key M)

M.2 SATA to USB: Work with M.2 SATA (Key B+M)


The B20 is also compatible for Different Size of M.2 NVMe SSDs.

Support most PCIe M.2 M key SSD with 2280/2260/2242 form factor 22*42/22*60/22*80


Metal Casing with Excellent Cooling

Aluminum shell and cooling fin cover for Heat Dissipation Design. To stay cool for reliable data transfer. The B20 provides shock/Vibration resistance metal case.

metal case.jpg

Compact & Compatible with Multi-system

The B20 SSD fits perfectly in your purse and only 48g. With a space blue case, you'll be both savvy and stylish.

addlink B20 SSD Enclosure is compatible with PC, Mac, and gaming consoles. 

Plug and Play. Fully bus powered, No drivers required.


Stylish Pouch for your Convenience

The B20 included a stylish bag.

Collect portable SSD and cable together for your best convenience.


Package contents:

  • B20 SSD Enclosure (USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps)

  • USB Type-C to A x1 (USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps)

  • USB Type-C to C x1 (USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps)

  • Screwdriver x1

  • Screws set x1

  • Pouch x1

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